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Hello everyone!

My name is Amos, I am a Boxer-type dog with a great attitude!
I was born on the first of July 2020 in Nahariya with my 5 brothers.
After 8 weeks I was adopted by my parents Or and Maya, and moved to Beer-Sheva.
Every second saterday I stay with my parents in the house of my grendparents in Even-Yehuda.

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister:

I love to play in the garden with other friendly dogs, and run after a ball.
Sleep is the most satisfying activity of my day

Feel free to call me when you are around and want to play :)

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Mention 3 main differences between web1, web2 and web3:

Web1 Web2 Web3
Read only Read and write web Read, Write and execute web
Company Focus Community Focus Individual Focus
Owning Content Sharing Content Consolidating Content


Explain the differences between web1, web2 and web3 by using use-case:

Searching for a medicine's side effects

Web1: To achieve your goal you will have to have the URL of some medical portal. Then you need to look for hyperlinks that will lead you to the medicine you are using and then find the data about the side effects of this medicine.

Web2: To achieve your goal you can use a portal, in this portal you will search for the medicine you wish to know about by using some search engine. That search will lead you to the content of the website that is more relevant to your goal. Now you will have the option to leave a comment about the medicine.

Web3: To achieve your goal you will use some very known portal, but this time the portal will be custom-made for you based on your previous- searches, purchases, and websites you have visited before. the search in the portal will show you results based on your personal history data. Data about the medicine and purchase suggestion will be shown to you on pages you will visit

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